Hostage Chess


What is Hostage Chess?


Hostage Chess was invented by retired University of Guelph Professor John Leslie. It is a lively chess variant which combines classical chess with elements of the Japanese game of shogi. For those unfamiliar with shogi, you may also think of it as "bughouse without a partner".

Hostage Chess is heralded by David Pritchard in his book "Popular Chess Variants", which was published in 2000 by Batsford.

Professor Leslie has agreed to post a prize fund for the inaugural World Championship in Hamilton this summer. The event is planned for July 16, following the 8th round of the Canadian Open.

Here are two useful hostage chess links:

The first link, on Youtube - "How to Play Hostage Chess" is an elegant description of the rules.

YouTube video

The second link is the Hostage Chess website, where you can read many testimonials, AND play against the engine:

Hostage Chess Site

Stay tuned for additional developments regarding the inaugural Hostage Chess World Championship.