Canadian Youth Chess Championship



Canadian Youth Chess Championships

July 7 - 11, 2022

7 Rounds

Hillfield Strathallan College, Hamilton, Ontario

All Equipment Provided

Note: Due to the last two years of limited Tournament play, normal qualification rules are NOT in effect. This year, the CYCC is open to all!

Black Pawn Stands Up

Support: Proudly supported by the City of Hamilton

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  • Age Sections

  • Under 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 (Age category determined by Year of Birth)

  • Girls and Open

           Entry Fee:  

$225+tax ($254.25) Before May 1

$250+tax ($282.50) Before June 1

$275+tax $310.75) After May 31

           Registration Deadline:  

Wednesday, July 6

           Placement Prizes :     Trophies for each section

The CYCC qualifies players to international corresponding events:

There are 3 events that players can qualify to:

1) 2022 World Cadet Chess Championships / 2022 World Youth Chess Championships
Note that these events are tentative as FIDE has yet to announce these tournaments

2) 2023 Pan-American Youth Chess Championships

3) 2023 North American Youth Chess Championships

The top 3 finishers in the CYCC in each category qualify to participate in the above 3 events

The first place finisher may choose to be Canada’s official player in one of the above. Second place gets second choice and Third gets third choice

One official player in each of the above international events for each section will have their Entry fee, FIDE fee, Hotel cost paid for by the CFC

In addition, the first place finisher in each section will win some sponsorship towards their flight to their chosen international event

The second or third player going to any of the above international championships will have their Entry and FIDE fee paid for by the CFC, but must pay other expenses themselves

Round Times:    See Complete Schedule here

Time Control :    Game in 90 minutes with 30 second Fischer increment

Tie breaks in order of application :   

1. Head to Head

2. Buccholz Cut 1

3. Buccholz

4. Most Blacks

5. Most Wins

Forfeit:    Failure to arrive at the board within 30 minutes of the round start will result in forfeiture of the game

Advance registration: Please click HERE and fill in the online registration form.

Pay in advance: By Interac eTransfer to 

Byes :    2 half point byes in the first 6 rounds if requested with entry

Eligibility: Players MUST have current annual membership with CFC (Chess Federation of Canada) or FQE (Fédération québécoise des échecs)

         Cancellation Policy:  

Cancel registration anytime prior to 1 full week before the tournament - Full Refund (minus $5 service fee)

Cancel 2 to 7 days prior to the tournament - 80% refund

Cancel 1 to 2 days prior to the tournament - 50% refund

Cancel less than 1 day prior to tournament - $0 refund

Support: Proudly supported by the City of Hamilton

PreRegistered: Here


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For maps showing the location of the Tournament site as well as the Residences and TownePlace Suites, Click HERE